Kupfrian Boat Ramp at Nosaw Park

Boat-RampThanks to a generous donation by Mr. and Mrs. Will Kupfrian, the boat ramp and driveway were replaced in 2001 and a trust fund set aside for future improvements to our private community boat ramp.

The boat ramp was dedicated the Kupfrian Boat Ramp shortly after the new ramp was constructed. We are eternally grateful to the Kupfrian family for their generous gift and for their many years of service to the North River Shores community. 

Property owners in North River Shores and Cocoanut Park are eligible to use the Kupfrian Boat Ramp in Nosaw Park.  Nosaw Park is located on NW Fork Road. Please see the map below for the location of all the parks in North River Shores including Nosaw Park. 

The Kupfrian Boat Ramp is a community treasure.  Please treat it like it was yours... because it is.



The Lock at the Boat Ramp is Changes Every Year

During the month of January the current year lock will be on the left and the previous year’s lock will be on the right.  After February 1st there will be only the current year lock at the ramp located on the right. 

New Keys: If you have never been issued a Boat Ramp Key, please read the North River Shores Boat Ramp Rules and complete the Boat Ramp Key Application / Contract. Boat Ramp rules and key applications can be downloaded from the NRS website (http://www.northrivershoresfl.org). Mail a signed application, a photo copy of your driver's license, proof of property ownership (Warranty Deed), the annual assessment or maintenance fee, and the $20 boat ramp key fee to NRSPOA, PO Box 3154, Stuart, FL 34995. 

Lost Key: If you have lost your key, please complete and mail the Lost Key application along with the lost key fee of $75 to NRSPOA, PO Box 3154, Stuart, FL 34995.

Boat Ramp Key Holders: If you are a previous boat ramp key holder and wish to use the boat ramp in the current year, simply complete the Boat Ramp Key Application / Contract form and mail it with your current year assessment/maintenance fee and the $20 Boat Ramp Key Fee to NRSPOA, PO Box 3154, Stuart, FL 34995.If you currently have a key and don't want a key in the current year, please note on your payment that you do not want a new key and thus are not paying the annual boat ramp key fee.

With your Boat Ramp Key you will also receive a trailer decal. Please place the NRS Trailer Decal on your trailers winch post. The trailer decal helps identify folks who should not be using our ramp. If you have more than one trailer, additional trailer decals are available upon request.

If you want to know more about the process of obtaining a boat ramp key please see the new boat ramp information on our web site www.northrivershoresfl.org.

If you need additional assistance please call the Boat Ramp Manager (772) 692-3939 or Tammy Malinowski (772) 207-3676.

During the month of January the current year lock will be on the left and the previous year's lock will be on the right. After February 1st there will be only the current year lock at the ramp located on the right.


The Boat Ramp facility at Nosaw Park in North River Shores is a private facility owned and maintained by the North River Shores Property Owners Association Inc. for the private use of North River Shores Property Owners and their guests.

These rules are designed to enhance the safety and enjoyment of this park for the maximum benefit to our neighborhood. Please be courteous to others while using this ramp.

Please don’t hesitate to call 772-692-3939 with any issues; or the Martin County Sheriff’s Department to report any criminal or suspicious activity.

  1. All boat ramp key holders shall surrender their key upon the sale of their property or as requested by the NRSPOA. 
  2. ALWAYS lock the boat ramp upon launching and hauling your boat. 
  3. Guests may ONLY use the boat ramp when accompanied by a NRS property owner. 
  4. Use of the Boat Ramp is at the user’s own risk. 
  5. Do not submerge and/ or hang anything from the boat ramp dock, i.e., bait boxes, crab traps, etc. 
  6. Any damage to Boat Ramp facilities resulting from either the property owner or their guest’s use of the ramp is the responsibility of the property owner. 
  7. Annual key fees apply to all Boat Ramp Key holders (fee subject to change). 
  8. Replacement of lost keys requires a lost key fee (fee subject to change). 
  9. Boat Ramp keys are NOT transferable and property owners shall NOT loan or give their key to anyone, including other property owners. 
  10. Please contact the Boat Ramp Manager at 772-692-3939 prior to overnight parking at Nosaw Park or use of the ramp by your marine contractor. 
  11. Violation of the Boat Ramp Rules may result in the loss of Boat Ramp privileges. 

WARNING: Vehicles of non-residents of North River Shores or of unaccompanied guests using the Boat Ramp are subject to being towed at owner's expense. Please use and maintain your NRS trailer decal to avoid being towed.

*Boat Ramp Rules are subject to change. 

Parking Tips

Please be aware that there is limited truck/trailer parking. Whenever possible, have guests park at your house. Trucks/trailers enter the ramp area typically from the north and south grassy areas, in order to pull up/forward in the driveway and back down the ramp. When parking, pull up as far as possible, diagonal to the driveway, and as close to other trucks/trailers as possible. Overflow parking is typically on the other side of the basketball court. 

Please call the Boat Ramp Manager at 772-692-3939 if you need additional assistance or further questions regarding the boat ramp procedures. You can downlaod copies of all of the boat ramp forms below: