The Board of Directors of North River Shores, on behalf of the entire community would like to welcome you to our beautiful neighborhood. We believe you have chosen to live in one of the finest communities in Martin County. North River Shores is a family friendly boating community with access to the St Lucie River, Atlantic Ocean, and Gulf Coast via our private waterways. Community amenities include four water front neighborhood parks, a duck pond, and a private boat ramp. North River Shores is located on the banks of the North Fork of the St Lucie River Aquatic Preserve, and conveniently close to: excellent schools, shopping, entertainment, and downtown Stuart. We hope you will find the following information about living in North River Shores useful.


NRS-Color-Map-smThe parks and common areas of North River Shores are managed and maintained by the Board of Directors. The focus of the Board is to maintain our beautiful community in a fiscally responsible manner. In addition the Board organizes events and activities for our children and residents. Community events provide an opportunity to spend time with our neighbors and help foster the neighborly feeling of a hometown community. The Board publishes a bi-monthly newsletter titled "The Scoop" to keep residents informed of neighborhood activities, local events, as well as community projects. The Board of Directors also represents our community when necessary in local government issues in Martin County and the City of Stuart.

The Board of Directors does not have a physical office; however board members can be reached at (772) 692-3939.

North River Shores was formed in the mid 1950's as a deed restricted community. In the beginning every property was required to abide by the deeded setbacks and restrictive covenants. Unfortunately, the original covenants included a 50 year sunset provision that eliminated the requirement of property owners to continue to comply with the covenants after 2006.

Prior to the sun setting of the covenants a group of residents prepared the ammended and restated covenants. Unfortunately only 350 of the 500 property owners decided to consent to the restated covenants. The covenants have since been further amended and the current covenants are very minimalistic and focus on maintaining the neighborhood aesthetic and views of our water ways and the North Fork of the St Lucie River. A copy of the restated and amended covenants can be found at the Martin County Clerk's office and in the Documents section of this website.

The Board of Directors has developed a variance process by which members can request relief from the covenants and deeded setbacks. For example if a member wishes to build a new home or an addition that will encroach into the deeded setback of the property they may apply to the Board for a variance to do so. Many such variances have been approved.

If your new home is a member property, we welcome you as a member; if it is not, we would like to encourage you to become a member and the Board is available to meet with you to discuss any questions you may have.

The residents of North River Shores feel the property values and desirability of living in North River Shores has remained high in large part due to the original deeded setbacks and covenants that were used to build our beautiful community. It is the Board's hope that we will be able to maintain our neighborhood for the enjoyment of our families for another half a century and beyond. The annual assessment is a very minimal amount.  However, this financial support is needed to continue to maintain and improve the quality of life we enjoy in North River Shores.

As you reflect on the reasons you moved to North River Shores, we would like to invite you to join your neighbors in supporting the maintenance of our beautify community for future generations to enjoy. Your financial support of your community is appreciated whether you decide to become a member or not. Either way, we are happy you chose North River Shores as your new residence and we welcome you to your new home.


Membership assesments are what fund the maintenance of our beautiful parks and private boat ramp. Recent park improvements in 2013 included: children's play equipment, a fishing pier, a picnic pavilion, a drinking fountain, and horseshoe pits.

Members and their guests have access to our private boat ramp. Information on obtaining a key to the boat ramp is provided in the Boat Ramp tab on our home page. If you need additional assistance with the boat ramp please call the boat ramp manager at 772-692-3939.

Members elect the Board of Directors and have the right to vote on any matter that may be presented at our annual meeting in November.

Members and their guests can attend social functions funded by the members including our annual Snow Storm, Christmas Cookie Exchange, and Island Picnic.

Membership helps fund and supports the community newsletter "The Scoop". The scoop is mailed to all 500 residents of NRS. Members receive reduced rate advertising and discounts at many local businesses.

Membership helps fund and support The North River Shores Neighborhood Watch Program which patrols our neighborhood day and night.

Membership helps fund three $500 college scholarships to children of members.

If you would like to learn more about life in North River Shores visit The Neighborhood page under the About NRS menu.