Benefits of Membership

Membership dues are what fund the maintenance of our beautiful parks and private boat ramp. Recent park improvements in 2013 included: children's play equipment, a fishing pier, a picnic pavilion, a drinking fountain, and horseshoe pits.

Members and their guests have access to our private boat ramp. 

Members elect the Board of Directors and have the right to vote on any matter that may be presented at our annual meeting in November.

Members and their guests can attend community events and social functions funded by the members including our annual Snow Storm, Christmas Cookie Exchange, and Island Picnic.

Membership helps fund and supports the community newsletter "The Scoop". The scoop is mailed to all 500 residents of NRS. Members receive reduced rate advertising.

Membership helps fund and support The North River Shores Neighborhood Watch Program which patrols our neighborhood day and night.

Membership helps fund and support three $500 college scholarships to children of members.


If you would like to become a member please download and complete the membership application and mail it to the Board of Directors. You can also call the Board of Directors at 772-692-3939 and we will drop off a welcome packet and answer any questions you may have.


North River Shores

PO BOX 3154

Stuart, FL 34995