August - Fishing Report by Glen Gareau

I went looking for a Wahoo this weekend and took Austin and Charlie Wright, and their friends Eddie and Logan. We cleared the Jupiter inlet at 6:15 am to cloudy skies and a 2 foot chop. We dropped in the high speed trolling gear in 100 feet and head out to the 220 foot ledge. The Yozuri got hit on the first pass, but the fish got off a couple minutes later. We came around and made a second pass but no luck. We then began the typical high speed zig zag over the drop from Jupiter Inlet to the Juno Pier. We turned around and started heading back and about half way back we got hit on #2 and began to reel in the shorter #1. The fish that was on #2 got off, but the #1 rod got hit as Austin was reeling it in. Somehow the Wahoo turned into a King Fish.

        Austin Wright - Picturedking-bait 

The boys got some needed practice landing a fish on the high speed gear and we got to break in my new fish bag. We high speed trolled till about 9am and then got out the spinners and starting catching Bonita to use for cut bait to catch snapper. The Boys had fun testing their equipment and stamina reeling in Bonita after Bonita including several triples. They also each got some practice with the gaff. Of course once you start catching Bonita it is not long before the sharks show up. We saw several species including a Hammer Head, and several Spinner Sharks. We dropped a Bonita over hooked to one the 50’s and Austin fought a large Spinner Shark for several minutes until the shark let go of the Bonita.


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