September - Fishing Report by Glen Gareau

Solo-60lb-Wahoo-09-09-2011I planned to take Friday off work so I could try and get a Wahoo before the full moon this weekend. High speed trolling for Wahoo typically takes three people. However, it seems everyone I called had other commitments. The conditions were perfect so I decided to go solo. I cleared the inlet in the dark at 6:00 am. Since it was just me, I ran only two lines. It did not take very long, and at 6:40 am the starboard long sounded off. Once the boat was heading in a safe direction I began cranking in the short. The first run was so long I was down to half the spool and had to move the drag lever up to slow the fish down as I was concerned it may spool me.  When I got back about 150 yards the fish shook its head and ripped off another 50 yards. It was then that I was certain it was a big Wahoo. Back and forth from the rod to the helm a few more times and I finally got my first glimpse of the fish when it popped up in the wake.  When I got the trolling lead up the fish was still 12 feet behind the boat. I walked the rod to the bow and set it in a rod holder I installed just for this purpose. Once I got to the back of the boat I grabbed the leader with my left hand and gaff with my right. The fish came in and planted its head on top of my trim tab. I gaffed it under the chin, but could not get it to back up so I could lift it in the boat. I decided to kill the engine so the eddy around the motor would let the fish slide back and it worked. One big swing and she was in the boat. The fish was too long for my fish box, Thankfully a friend in another boat was able to fit it in his fish box.  The scale read #60 on the button.



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