October - Fishing Report By Glen Gareau

Simon-Snook-10-24-09Matt and I went Thursday night and the bite was pretty good. Matt and I landed 10 Snook with one slot fish and one over slot at 35 inches. Simon and Amy came down from Orlando on Friday night for Snook Fest 2009 fish fry on Saturday. They got here around 9:00 pm and I figured Simon would want to go Snookin so I left the boat hooked up. The bridge was covered in bait and you could hear 12 gauge shot gun blasts all over the place. The only problem was there was too much bait and we only landed one short. At our next spot Simon cast a live bait directly into the mouth of a waiting fish on his first cast. The bite was pretty hot on both live bait and artificial. I started whacking fish on every cast and landed a top slot Snook on plastic. It was well after midnight and we were about out of live bait in the well and we were about to pack it in when the bite really turned on. We kept after it with the plastics and Simon hooked into a good fish and fought it to the boat. When it broke the surface in a massive head shake I almost had a heart attack as I watched the lure fly out of the mouth of a 30 lb slob. The bite was still hot so we stayed at in hopes of getting another monster on. It did not take long and Simon got nice slotty. A few minutes later Simon got bit and the fish just freight trained him and cut the leader on a piling. We had two in the box and it was 2:30 am so we packed it in. Total tally 21 Snook, 2 slot fish and 2 monsters that got away.


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