May - Blackfin Tuna by Bob Wright



November 21, 2013

"Austin Wright - Jack Crevalle at Lake Park Fishing Pier"


March - Fishing With Joe Evans

The month of March is the time of year when the Dolphin begin show up in our area, but it is often too windy and rough to get off shore and catch them. The wind and seas were forecast to lay down this Friday, so I talked to Joe Evans about going offshore in his 29 foot Sea Vee. 

Joe Evans and I pushed off his dock with Austin and Charlie Wright. I was rigging ballyhoo on the way out and for the next several hours it seems that is all I did. Joe found the fish and we proceeded to boat 2 - 4 dolphin every 20 minutes. When we ran out of bait the cooler had 16 dolphin in it. Joe said it was a Board of Commerce day with blue skies rolling seas and beautiful conditions, I never saw any of it.  I spent the whole trip rigging ballyhoo…other than that all I remember about the day was the boys yelling ....Fish On!! Fish On!!... Double! , he has friends… pitch rod…I need a gaff....

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June - Tarpoon by Andrew Coates


June - Fishing Report  by Glen Gareau

Logan-Wahoo2013-06-29My crew this week was Logan Delvecchio (14 yrs) and Jonathan Bressman (8yrs). The boys helped rig the rods and gear the night before and were in the driveway at 6:00 am. We cleared the inlet at 6:45 am to a cloudy sky and choppy sea conditions. The waves were much less than the forecasted 8 seconds. We trudged on out and since it was slow going dropped over two lures. Did not take long and we had a Bonita double. A few more Bonita and we finally saw some weeds out in 275 feet and dropped in the Ballyhoo. I usually troll south to avoid ending up in another time zone, but noticed a bird to the North and headed that way. We were not the first boat on this line and had traffic coming from both directions. As soon as we got all four line in the water the first Dolphin was on. Solo bull dolphin in the box and it was only 7:24 am. We trolled another 30-40 minutes and then peeled off to head further east in search of a better line holding fish. We found some scattered weeds out in 500 ft and dropped in. The water temp was a really hot 87 degrees! Earlier the temp in 275 was 83 degrees ? No bites and no birds so we trolled back in to my BFT numbers near Push Button Hill.

We spotted a bird working hard to our north and head over to see what he was on. We made one pass then turned back south when one of the spinners started screaming. I am thinking big BFT perhaps even bigger than the 12 lb one we got last Friday. Logan has the rod and Jonathan and I are clearing lines. The line was screaming the whole time and Logan tries to palm the spool to slow the fish down..... ouch that's hot..... Logan learned his first physics lesson on heat from friction. I am watching the spool and we are well into the #15 mono backing, which means this fish just ripped off 300 yards of 30# braid.

The fish finally stops and we quarter back and start gaining line. As Logan is bringing this fish in I was just praying it's not a monster Bonita. When we see color ....I can't believe my eyes as I am looking at a 4 ft Wahoo hooked to 5/0 hook tied to a 40# mono leader. I gaff it on the first swing and we have Wahoo in the box!

Jonathan caught another Dolphin a little later and few more Bonita and we headed in around noon.



July - Mutton Snapper by Matt Stahley


August - Fishing Report by Glen Gareau

I went looking for a Wahoo this weekend and took Austin and Charlie Wright, and their friends Eddie and Logan. We cleared the Jupiter inlet at 6:15 am to cloudy skies and a 2 foot chop. We dropped in the high speed trolling gear in 100 feet and head out to the 220 foot ledge. The Yozuri got hit on the first pass, but the fish got off a couple minutes later. We came around and made a second pass but no luck. We then began the typical high speed zig zag over the drop from Jupiter Inlet to the Juno Pier. We turned around and started heading back and about half way back we got hit on #2 and began to reel in the shorter #1. The fish that was on #2 got off, but the #1 rod got hit as Austin was reeling it in. Somehow the Wahoo turned into a King Fish.

        Austin Wright - Picturedking-bait 

The boys got some needed practice landing a fish on the high speed gear and we got to break in my new fish bag. We high speed trolled till about 9am and then got out the spinners and starting catching Bonita to use for cut bait to catch snapper. The Boys had fun testing their equipment and stamina reeling in Bonita after Bonita including several triples. They also each got some practice with the gaff. Of course once you start catching Bonita it is not long before the sharks show up. We saw several species including a Hammer Head, and several Spinner Sharks. We dropped a Bonita over hooked to one the 50’s and Austin fought a large Spinner Shark for several minutes until the shark let go of the Bonita.


September - Fishing Report by Glen Gareau

Solo-60lb-Wahoo-09-09-2011I planned to take Friday off work so I could try and get a Wahoo before the full moon this weekend. High speed trolling for Wahoo typically takes three people. However, it seems everyone I called had other commitments. The conditions were perfect so I decided to go solo. I cleared the inlet in the dark at 6:00 am. Since it was just me, I ran only two lines. It did not take very long, and at 6:40 am the starboard long sounded off. Once the boat was heading in a safe direction I began cranking in the short. The first run was so long I was down to half the spool and had to move the drag lever up to slow the fish down as I was concerned it may spool me.  When I got back about 150 yards the fish shook its head and ripped off another 50 yards. It was then that I was certain it was a big Wahoo. Back and forth from the rod to the helm a few more times and I finally got my first glimpse of the fish when it popped up in the wake.  When I got the trolling lead up the fish was still 12 feet behind the boat. I walked the rod to the bow and set it in a rod holder I installed just for this purpose. Once I got to the back of the boat I grabbed the leader with my left hand and gaff with my right. The fish came in and planted its head on top of my trim tab. I gaffed it under the chin, but could not get it to back up so I could lift it in the boat. I decided to kill the engine so the eddy around the motor would let the fish slide back and it worked. One big swing and she was in the boat. The fish was too long for my fish box, Thankfully a friend in another boat was able to fit it in his fish box.  The scale read #60 on the button.



October - Fishing Report By Glen Gareau

Simon-Snook-10-24-09Matt and I went Thursday night and the bite was pretty good. Matt and I landed 10 Snook with one slot fish and one over slot at 35 inches. Simon and Amy came down from Orlando on Friday night for Snook Fest 2009 fish fry on Saturday. They got here around 9:00 pm and I figured Simon would want to go Snookin so I left the boat hooked up. The bridge was covered in bait and you could hear 12 gauge shot gun blasts all over the place. The only problem was there was too much bait and we only landed one short. At our next spot Simon cast a live bait directly into the mouth of a waiting fish on his first cast. The bite was pretty hot on both live bait and artificial. I started whacking fish on every cast and landed a top slot Snook on plastic. It was well after midnight and we were about out of live bait in the well and we were about to pack it in when the bite really turned on. We kept after it with the plastics and Simon hooked into a good fish and fought it to the boat. When it broke the surface in a massive head shake I almost had a heart attack as I watched the lure fly out of the mouth of a 30 lb slob. The bite was still hot so we stayed at in hopes of getting another monster on. It did not take long and Simon got nice slotty. A few minutes later Simon got bit and the fish just freight trained him and cut the leader on a piling. We had two in the box and it was 2:30 am so we packed it in. Total tally 21 Snook, 2 slot fish and 2 monsters that got away.


November - Snook by Glen Gareau



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