Join your Neighbors and Become a Member

Benefits of Membership

Membership dues are what fund the maintenance of our beautiful parks and private boat ramp. Recent park improvements in 2013 included: children's play equipment, a fishing pier, a picnic pavilion, a drinking fountain, and horseshoe pits.

Members and their guests have access to our private boat ramp. 

Members elect the Board of Directors and have the right to vote on any matter that may be presented at our annual meeting in November.

Members and their guests can attend community events and social functions funded by the members including our annual Snow Storm, Christmas Cookie Exchange, and Island Picnic.

Membership helps fund and supports the community newsletter "The Scoop". The scoop is mailed to all 500 residents of NRS. Members receive reduced rate advertising.

Membership helps fund and support The North River Shores Neighborhood Watch Program which patrols our neighborhood day and night.

Membership helps fund and support three $500 college scholarships to children of members.


If you would like to become a member please download and complete the membership application and mail it to the Board of Directors. You can also call the Board of Directors at 772-692-3939 and we will drop off a welcome packet and answer any questions you may have.


North River Shores

PO BOX 3154

Stuart, FL 34995


What do I do with my old Key after February 1st?

During the month of January both the old lock and the new lock will be in use. After February 1st only the new lock will be used and you may discard your old key.

Who is eligible to receive a Boat Ramp Key?

Property owners in North River Shores and Cocoanut Park.

How do I get a Boat Ramp Key?

The Boat Ramp facility at Nosaw Park is a private facility owned and maintained by the North River Shores Property Owners Association Inc. for the exclusive use of North River Shores Property Owners and their Guests. The North River Shores Property Owners Association, Inc. is not responsible for personal injuries, damage to property, or theft of the personal property of anyone using the boat ramp facilities.

Each North River Shores, Cocoanut Park, and North River Forest property owner is eligible to have a Boat Ramp Key. Proof of property ownership is required. Submission of false information or violation of the Boat Ramp Rules can result in the loss of boat ramp privileges.

New Key: If you have never been issued a Boat Ramp key, please read the North River Shores Boat Ramp Rules and complete the Boat Ramp Key Application / Contract. Boat Ramp rules and key applications can be downloaded from the Boat Ramp Page.

Mail a signed application, a photo copy of your driver's license, proof of property ownership (Warranty Deed), and the boat ramp key fee to PO Box 3154, Stuart, FL 34995. Please note the current year assessment must be paid prior to receiving a key.

Lost Key: If you have ever been issued a Key in the past and have lost your key, please complete and mail the Lost Key application along with the lost key fee to PO Box 3154, Stuart, FL 34995.

Existing Boat Ramp Key Holder: If you are a boat ramp key holder and wish to exchange your key for the current key, simply download the Boat Ramp Key Application/Contract, fill in your contact information and sign, attach your old key and the $20 Boat Ramp Key Fee and send to PO Box 3154, Stuart, FL 34995. Please note the current year assessment fee must be paid prior to receive a key.

With your Boat Ramp Key you will also receive a new trailer decal. Please place the new NRS Trailer Decal on your trailer(s) winch post. The trailer decal helps identify folks who should not be using our ramp. Additional trailer decals are available upon request.


How much are the boat ramp fees?

Annual assessments and key fees are established by the Board of Directors each year and are subject to change. For 2018 the annual assessmentis $185 and the Boat Ramp key fee is $20.  For more information on the Boat Ramp please visit the Boat Ramp tab and or Documents tab on our web site or call the Boat Ramp manager 772-692-3939.

What if I arrive to use the ramp and it is not locked?

Please ALWAYS lock the ramp after your use, even if you found it unlocked.

I am building or repairing a dock. Can the contractor use the ramp?

Yes, a contractor can use the ramp as your guest. Please inform the Boat Ramp Manager at 772-692-3939.

What if my key does not work?

Please call the Boat Ramp Manager at 772-692-3939.

What if I find a key in the boat ramp lock?

Please call the Boat Ramp Manager at 772-692-3939 so they can be returned to their rightful owner.

What if I lose my key?

Lost Key replacement is subject to a lost key fee of $75 (fee subject to change). Visit the NRS web site ( for current fees.

What size boat will fit under the hump back bridge?

The clearence under the Pine Lake Drive hump back bridge is a function of the tide. Generally the there is 9 to 10 feet of clearence.  In the months of October and November each year we get tides that are generally a foot or more higher than the normal high tide.

Why do we need locks on the boat ramp?

The Ramp is private property. Our insurance coverage requires the lock and the restricted use by North River Shores property owners and their accompanied guests. Any other user is trespassing.

How can I become a member?

Please call us at (772) 692-3939 and we can drop off a welcome packet with everything you will need or use the form on the Become a Member Page of this web site.  The Board of Directors are available to meet with you if you have questions regarding membership.

How do I find my original Deed and property documents?

To obtain copies of the recorded documents pertaining to your North River Shores property, you may go to the Martin County Property Appraiser’s office, provide them with the OR Book and Page numbers listed below, then ask for help in locating them.

As a convienence to our members many of the official records pertaining to NRS can be found in the Documents section of our web site.

  1. The Amended and Restated Restrictive Covenants of 1999 are recorded at OR Book 1422, Pages 0155 – 0157.
  2. The Second Amended Bylaws of 2002 are recorded at OR Book 01701, Pages 1339 – 1348.
  3. To locate your original warranty deed (to find out the setbacks for your property), follow this “TIP.” Locate your Title Insurance Policy (T.I.P.) Schedule B. On that page should be an item that states something similar to “subject to restrictions as recorded at OR Book XXX, PG XXX.” This reference is usually the book and page number where the original warranty deed was recorded.

It is a good idea to keep a copy of these documents with other important papers pertaining to your property, so they can be referred to should you decide to make home improvements or sell.

I want to build an addition to my home

You will need to download and review the construction application:

I want to add a fence

You will need to download and review the fence application,

I want to paint my house

You will not need approval from NRS to paint your home. You may, however, want to check with Martin County in the event that any permitting is required

Is the property I want to buy bound by the deed restrictions?

If you need to determine if a property in North River Shores, Cocoanut Park, or North River Forest is a member and bound by the covenants (deed restriction) please contact the our accounting firm Tammy Malinowski at 772-207-3676 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you have a specific question please call a board member at 772-692-3939.

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